Models for the Winona Railway

I need your help listing all available equipment for the Winona Railway in all scales.
I am somewhat familar with what is available in O scale and S scale, but have very little knowledge of other scales.

Equipment   Motive Power  

Equipment models of the Winona
Part # Description Manufacturer Scale Price Comments
??? ??? ShowCase Line  S ??? The Swift cars (SRLX) are under GATX in both [4/1943 and 1/1953] ORERs. Many Swift cars have identical dimensions, but they do list ExL as well. The 29f 6in IL crs are almost all 37 ft 3 in ExL. The 33 ft IL cars are 40 ft 3 in ExL, so the 801-813 series are probably a reasonable kitbash from the SHS car. All the others are scratch or wood kit conversions. - Pieter Roos

Most of the 700 series look to be 36 ft ex-meat reefers, maybe Swift? Those would be easier to scratch build than convert from an SHS car. I think 810 is REALLY close, and may be an ACF car (which is the SHS prototype). - Pieter Roos (SSPM list 5 Sep 2007)
??? ??? Kinsman S ??? S scale craftsman style wood kits - refrigerator car
Web site says "This kit took me about 25 hours to complete"

Motive power models of the Winona
Part # Description Manufacturer Scale Price Comments
  GE 44 tonner   HO    
  GE 44 tonner River Raisin Models S   brass import
  GE 44 tonner Steam Depot
2038 Center Street
Ashland, PA 17921
(570) 875-4205
S   S scale equipment site says they are a "Large supplier of thousands of S gauge products, often at discount prices. Catalog is $3.00 and well worth it! Steam Depot is one of the best kept secrets in S gauge model railroading. Inquire about their new GE 44 tonner!"
  GE 44 tonner   S   set of whitemetal castings from Jan Lorenzen of LWS that used a modified Tyco power truck
  Propaned powered unit   S   The only survivor is the Joplin and Pittsburg at the St Louis museum, which is very similar to the Winona last unit - per Jace Kahn

Layouts based on the Winona
None known at this time

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